We are here to provide you with the best medical care bearing in mind your commitments, plans and lifestyle.


We offer face to face consultations, home visits and telephone consultations to suit your medical needs.

These are available from 8.30am – 6pm Monday to Friday and on Saturdays by arrangement. Outside of these hours our existing patients can have telephone consultations by arrangement.

Initial consultations generally last about an hour unless you have a complex medical history. Follow up consultations generally last 30 minutes but of course we are happy to accommodate longer consultations should you so wish.

Telephone consultations are available where we feel that the matter can be dealt with competently and safely without a face to face consultation.


Home visits are available by arrangement where you feel too unwell to attend the surgery.

During a home visit one of our doctors will be able to assess you in the comfort of your home and treat most likely conditions with the supply of medicines without your leaving your home.

The length of home visit can vary and will depend upon your geographical location and the complexity of your medical condition.


We work collaborativly with a partner On Call Doctors Service to provide you with medical care outside of our normal working hours.


During a consultation of a home visit it may be necessary for you to have a blood test as part of your medical treatment.

We can either take the blood specimen from you at the time and arrange its transport to the laboratory. Or we can provide you with the request form to take to The Doctors Laboratory in Wimpole Street to have the blood sample taken there.

Please note, there is a charge for us to take the specimen(s) which is called Phlebotomy Charge and it is a one off charge regardless of how many specimens are needed at the time.


As part of being our patient, of course we provide you with a service for both new and repeat prescriptions.

New prescriptions are issued at the time of your consultation where appropriate.

Repeat prescriptions are issued when requested. There is a legal and ethical onus on the prescribing doctor to check your medical notes to see if such a prescription is appropriate and in your best interests.

For patients who receive on-going repeat prescriptions, the prescribing doctor is under both an ethical and a legal duty to keep you ‘under continuing clinical review’. In effect this means that you must have a face to face consultation at least once a year.

The turnaround for issuing Repeat Presctiptions is 3 working days. If you require a prescription on the same day this will incurr the Express Rate surcharge.

Controlled drugs are prescribed by the licensed General Medical Practitioner.


From time to time we receive a request from a patient to carry out research for them for which we are very happy to assist. We perform this on an individually commissioned basis.

Research for rare disorders

In cases of rare disorders, we are very happy to research to source the leading Centres of Experienced and Excellence in this disorder and make arrangements for the patient to be seen there.

Research for available cutting edge treatment

In cases of non rare disorders where the cutting edge treatment is simply not available in the UK. We can research and locate for you an appropriate centre to whom to refer you abroad.

Research for more holistic and natural treatment

We are a holistic practice. Many patients when faced with a disorder would prefer to use naturopathic or herbal medicines as opposed to pharmaceutical medicines. In these situations we are happy to research the appropriateness and likelihood of treatment or cure using these alternatives.


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